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Muse : Lola

'Fourteen' Oil on linen 120 cm by 80 cm 2019 nominated for the Dutch Portraitprize 2021

De Dress op wit kopie2.jpg
cu lolajurk5juni2019.png

Sorry Lola Oil on linen 100 by 140 cm. Presented at The Summer exhibition 2014 at the Kunstmuseum The Hague

Sorry Lola.jpg
Sorry Lola crop.jpeg

Twelve Oil on paper 50 by 70 cm 2017

lolatwaaftotaal kopie 2.jpg

Onesie I & II   Oil on paper, 60 cm by 80 cm  2017

Konijn I -IMG_2941 kopie.JPG
Konijn II -IMG_2940 kopie.JPG

Muse: Aad  

Winter oil on linen 30 by 40 cm 2017


June I-oil on linen  40 by 50cm nominated for the Dutch Portraitprize 2019

juniII kopie 2.jpg

jJune II- 40 by 50 cm oil on linen

juni I.JPG

Birthday - 40cm by 50 cm oil on canvas

opa aad.jpg

Complete/uncomplete - 120cm by 100 cm oil on linen 


The red jumper - oil on  panel 50 cm by 65 cm


Operation oil on oakwood 50cm  by 60 cm 2015

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