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Lonely hearts

People who feel more lonely than they wish for. I ask them to sit for me. It works both ways: I enjoy painting from a 'live' model and the model will be in 'my spotlight' in my studio or, if needed, at their home, enjoying a new experience. It is an ongoing project, if you like to know more, or want to be my model, please sent me an email: or look at bio&contact,

mevr oosterman tot 1 2020.JPG
mvr oosterman wip 2020.jpg
Rina ton tot 2020 .jpg
Rina Ton med 2020.JPG
Nanny wolters 2020 kopie.JPG
aad lockdown IV  tot 2021 kopie.jpg
aad lockdown IV 2021 kopie.jpg
leoHoogendam tot 2021.jpg
leohoogendam med 2021.JPG
lockdown aad tot kopie.jpeg
lockdown aad kopie.JPG
Aad lockdown II 2021.JPG
Aad lockdown II med 2021 .jpeg
Afscheid_wittekamer 2020.jpeg
wittekamer_afscheid 2020.JPG
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